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MTA (Medium-Term Accommodation) Applications

Here at care community coordination, we can help you apply for Medium Term Accommodation that is funded by the NDIS. It's a type of funding that is used to support and accommodate for a medium time away from your usual home. It can only be funded by meeting conditions, as well as having a confirmed place to move into at the end of your Medium-Term Accommodation funding.

You may be eligible for Medium Term Accommodation if you meet the following conditions:

  • Have a confirmed long-term housing solution

  • Need somewhere to stay because of your disability support needs, and
  • Cannot move into your long-term housing solution because you're waiting for your disability related supports to be ready. For example, you might be waiting for home modifications or a specialised home built specifically for your needs.

Reasons why you may not be funded for Medium Term accommodation:

  • It is not considered necessary or reasonable

  • You don't have evidence of a confirmed long-term housing solution

  • It isn't related to your disability
  • Short-Term Accommodation or other supports are more suitable

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